What is your opinion on infant circumcision?

Still controversial. Aside from religious reasons, compelling data support it as std & personal health preventive measure. Surely painful (but ways around that) as infant but more so (& more complicated) as adult. Ideally (& possibly legally), child should be allowed to make the decision, but takes years b4 can make informed decision & then peer pressure comes in. At this point let parents opt 4 best interests of boy.
Let the boy decide. I 'm against routine infant circumcision as i believe it is unnecessary and it does cause pain (much less discomfort however with a dorsal penile block in skilled hands). I recognize that it is sometimes performed secondary to observance of religious customs and I do not object to that. I discourage parents who request it secondary to health concerns as the data doesn't support it in n. America.
Generally positive. Long answer is too long short answer-- there are several medical justifications for circumcision including less risk of urinary tract infection , less hygiene issues, possible decreased risk of acquiring aids. Negatives include unnatural, possibly painful. Usually parents look at dad and decide to make the baby look like him.
WHO says yes. The world health organization has a major campaign in africa to encourage infant circumcision to prevent aids. Circumcision has long been known to protect against penile cancer and now we can add aids protection.
Other countries . Recently a german court has ruled against circumcision. No evidence could be presented justifying the procedure and parental consent was nullified in the absence of a medical indication. Think about it. Would anyone dare to have their daughters circumsized? Not different at all!
This is not africa. We are not in africa though and the data on HIV in western countries is very weak! also circumcision can't replace condoms. We should stick to the facts instead of mixing cultural and religious beliefs with mostly made up scientific evidence. (at least for our western world).
Opinion. My personal opinion: no one has the right to decide for an infant about a medically unnecessary procedure. In the western developed world there in no medical justification. So medical procedures without consent and indications may be considered battery. Controversial topic. Many factors feed into the debate.