Can a sinus infection get worse if OTC meds are not working?

Yes it can. You . Might need antibiotics if it is a true infection. See your doctor.
Yes. Sinus infections usually resolve without treatment. If symptoms persist for over a week or are severe you should see a doctor. Complications are rare in adults, but include eye infections and meningitis.

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I have an extremely painful sinus infection. No money, no insurance. Otc meds don't work. How can I treat it at home and get relief?

Difficult question. Sinus infection is the result of blockage of the ostia (openings) of the air containing cavities in the face communicating with the nose. Therefore the treatment is ventilation and drainage. Or more specifically, the blockage has to be relieved. I can not believe that a community hospital emergency room could not help. If there is truly a sinus infection, you need good medical treatment. Read more...

Best OTC meds for sinus infection and earache?

Sudafed if no HBP. Sudafed is a great decongestant and helps with ear pain. You need to ask the pharmacist because it is kept behing the counter. If you have high blood pressure, do not take sudafed. If you are anxious, you may not want to take sudafed either. It can cause palpitations and make anxiety worse. Vitamin c 500mg 3x per day is a natural antihistamine. Mucinex (guaifenesin) helps to thin mucus so you can blow it out. Read more...