I find small balls of a foul smelling material that is almost paste like in consistency that comes from the back of my throat and nasal cavity connects to my throat and mouth. It is usually in the mornings and is a tiny ammount. Should I be worried?

Tonsil stones. The balls of debris are likely a mix of old food and bacteria that stick the the holes in your tonsils. You can try a mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide at bedtime. Peroxyl and orajel and the 2 available ones that i recommend.
Just be aware. You should see your dentist and let them evaluate your concern.
Crypts of tonsils. More than likely you're describing debris that traps in the crypts of the tonsil. This is composed of bits and particles of food along with skin that is been sloughed off the tonsil region. It forms a very thick white paste and usully not much of it. Many people have a little pits in the tonsil surface that traps and accumulates this debris. It won't cause any problems so don't worry.