Pain over left eye?

See eye doctor. Make sure ytiu see an eye doctor to check the pressure in your eye and to check for inflammation in the eye.
Eye pain. This is most likely pain in the left frontal sinus which is above the eye. Try a decongestant such as sudafed or chlortrimeton and see if the pain is relieved. If not and it persists or recurs frequently, see your doctor.
Eye pain. Many issues can cause eye pain and some can be serious. See an eye doctor.

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Everytime I bend over and come back up I have intensely sharp pain over left eye and continues for 5-10 minutes, help?

Sinusitis. This sounds like you have fluid in your frontal sinus which is likely due to a sinus infection. It is time to see a doctor for an evaluation and treatment.

What are the symptoms of a sinus problem. Pain over left eye. Was told it could be pollen in the eye. This has persisted for two days.

There. There are many reason for having unilateral pain around the eye. If it is around only one eye unlikely to be allergy. If you did not have have a cold prior it is hard to say thay this is a sinus issue. You might also be experiencing a form of migraine or something directly related to the eye. Would seek medical attention.

I have a sinus infection with a sharp pain over left eye, it felt different from normal sinus pressure, it only lasted a few minutes. Is this normal?

Sinus pain. Your description could be consistent with sinus related pressure/ pain. Pain occurs as pressure builds up in his sinuses and could come and go if the pressure is fluctuating. If it does not resolve or gets worse, you should go see your regular doctor.

Sharp stabing pain over left eye with sinus infection and sinus pressure. Only lasted a few min never had this pain with previous sinus infections.?

Frontal Sinus. The frontal sinus lives just above the nose and can extend out over the eye. Pressure changes in the frontal sinus and infection can cause discomfort in this region of the forehead. Persistant discomfort or swelling and tenderness of the skin in this area or any visual changes (double vision) would require urgent/emergent evaluation. Sinus infections often require abx. Hope this helps!

What to do at the very first signs of sinusitis? I'm feeling pain over and under my left eye and from personal experience I think it's sinusitis...

Drainage. Antibiotics are no longer recommended for most cases of sinusitis, which is usually caused by viruses. To try to get your sinuses to drain using decongestants. Nasal steroid sprays (by prescription) can also help, especially if you have allergies. See your doctor if the facial pain persists, you develop high fever, or if the symptoms last longer than 7-10 days.

Headache following cataract surgery. Recurring pinpoint pain in brow over left eye. Never experienced before.

Call your doctor. It's most likely a small scratch on your cornea, very common and heals itself but this could represent elevated pressure in the eye or an infection.
Call your eye MD. The surgeon wants to know when there is unexpected eye pain following surgery. The eye pressure could be elevated and this would need to be addressed. This could be associated with nausea and/or vomiting. Other causes of discomfort could include be a corneal abrasion or infection.