I have an infected toenail (picture included). Is there a way to fix this on my own or do I need to see a podiatrist?

See a Podiatrist. Infected toenails are usually caused by the edge of the nail cutting into the skin. You can soak in warm soapy water and apply antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. It is hard to resolve the problem, without removing the offending source, then nail edge. See your podiatrist to discuss treatment options. Permanent solutions are available. Dr l.
See a physician. If infected it is time to see a podiatrist that can evaluate the infection and perform an in office procedure to assist in alleviating the ingrown nail.
Have it evaluated. Ingrown toenails can be temporarily remedied through soaking your foot in warm water, removal of embedded debris from the nail borders, and applying an antibiotic ointment to temporarily soften the corners. If you have continued pain, redness or drainage, get it looked at by a professional as you may need to have the ingrown nail border removed and you may need antibiotics.
No Home Surgery. Soak in epsom salt at home and see your podiatrist asap ! they will recc a couple of treatment options to you....Ranging from local care to the nail, antibiotics or removing the infected border or the nail. Acfas.Org apma.Com.
Ingrown. You can try to soak the nail in epsom salt and warm water for a couple of days. If the pain persists you need to see a podiatrist for further evaluation.