What are the available tests for hepatitis c?

Bloods/SONO/biopsy. Screen with eia (enz imm assay), confirm (+) with riba(recomb imm assay) and/or RNA (quantitative); genotype if (+) can determine duration of rx, and/or need for biopsy. Bloods for scarring/fibrosis are good at extremes, not in the middle. Sono (sound wave picture) can show anatomy/tumors. Biopsy looks at liver cells, to assess extent of inflammation, acute/chronic damage, help decision re: rx.
Antibody and RNA. The first test people get to see if they have been exposed to hepatitis c is an antibody test. This can be by blood draw or finger stick (orasure rapid test). If the antibody is positive, then an hcv RNA or viral load test has to be done to see if someone still has the hepatitis c virus inside them. ~25% of people will spontaneously clear (their own immune system cures them) so hcv RNA is negative.