After brain aneurysm surgery by coiling, will I be able to go back to normal life?

Yes. After the coiling the aneurysm is sealed off and will no longer be a threat to you. Your neurosurgeon and the radiologists will then release you to go back to a normal life.
Yes if it works. The only caveat is whether the aneurysm caused some damage that was either manifest before re becomes apparent after the treatment. This is aneurysm location driven. Time will tell. It is still preferable to open repair as a first treatment choice.
Also.. It depends on whether the aneurysm was ruptured, whether you have to take anti platelet agents.
Unknown. It all depends on the extent, severity and location of the possible cerebral infarct.
That's plan A. And there's no reason to expect otherwise. After your procedure, you should be able to return to the same status you are at now.