I was diagnosed with sugar in the urine. Have to do a follow up in two weeks. I'm fatigued to the point of almost passing out with any physical task at work. What should I do for the next two weeks?

Check for diabetes. Sugar (glucose) in the urine most commonly occurs when the the sugar levels in the blood are high, indicating the presence of diabetes. Most people who pill sugar in the urine also urinate excessively and elevated blood sugars often are associated with fatigue. You should have your blood sugar levels checked as soon as possible and start treatment if necessary. Drink lots of fluids for now.
Hydration. Drink water to make sure you are not dehydrated. Hydration is also a good treatment for high blood sugar. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Keep track of your blood pressure. Maintain close communication with your treating physicians. Call him/her if you don't think you can last 2 weeks or go the er if unable to contact your physician. Good luck to you.
Fasting? Some people who just had a sweet drink can have sugar in their urine. I usually would rely on a fasting blood sugar.
Do not wait. Go to an er and get a blood sugar test! now! 99% of the time you have diabetes and it can be life threatening. Glucose in the urine with normal blood sugars is rare.