Few years ago I had a tracheostomy done. I am fine now but I do have the tracheal tug scar. Do I go to a ENT or plastic surgeon to fix it. I heard it is a simple procedure.

Either. I am a plastic surgeon and have improved a large number of tracheostomy scars. I am sure that there are otolaryngologists who can say the same. The most important factor is to go to a surgeon who has a lot of experience with this procedure. It is a very straightforward procedure where fat from either side of the scar is interposed between the skin and the muscle. Good luck!
Either. There are a few nuances to the operation. Excising the scar at the surface is relatively simple. However, the scar often needs to be be released from its deep attachments around the trachea and measures taken to limit the risk of reattachment following the procedure. The contour of the neck also needs to be addressed. You want to see a ENT or plastic surgeon that has experience with the procedure.