Medicine to seal the hole in the intraventricular septum?

'time' or surgery. If your baby has a small vsd, it may never cause any problems, and may even close up on its own. 'holes' in the heart (such as ventricular defects=vsd) may require a procedure to correct. However many non-invasive centers around the country can do the the procedure with a 'catheter device' and not require open heart surgery.

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What does it mean if your intraventricular septum is bellow the "normal" range in thickness? . 72 CM (normal >. 9 cm)

Your size? Heart size is related to the body size. It may be entirely normal for you. It would be prudent to discuss with your doctor who already should have this information.

AfterHeart OP the intraventricular septum invariably develops an unuasual pattern of movement giving idea that LV function not as good as before, true?

Context? Symptoms? Sounds like you are quoting a passage from an echocardiogram textbook. I'm not sure why you would, but the context of the quote is this: after open-heart surgery (cutting the pericardium), the septum (wall b/w right & left ventricle) swings AWAY from the chest wall (not towards it). While this may make it *appear* as if the LVEF is "not as good", it may be. Cardiologist have to measure differentl.

What does hypokinesia of intraventricular septum apical. Concentric remodeling of the left ventricle w/segmental wall motion abnormality mean?

Heart attack. It sounds like an echo report describing previous damage the the wall between the ventricles (septum) and tip of the heart (apex) likely from a previous heart attack.
Consequences. Description is very typical reflection for consequences of long term uncontrolled high cholesterol and blood pressure. I also guess that you might have had heart attack in past. (silent infarct?). Practically this mean that your heart is no longer as efficient pumping blood through your body as it used to be. You definitely need to be under care and see your doctor regularly to avoid worsening.