What is the best way to baby proof the bathroom?

Keep the door closed. There are parts of your house where you can remove items that might harm the inquisitive baby. But there are times like the early todler years when you should keep baby out. Open toilets are a magnet for the child facinated by floating objects, yet todlers are top heavy & may tople in & drown trying to retreive a toy. I don't trust toliet locks or all family mbrs using them correctly.
Same as other rooms. The bathroom may be intimidating, but really, it can be easy. Toilet locks, outlet covers, and cabinet covers are still effective. Making sure that wires, curling irons, and shaving/ cutting utensils are up and out of the way. Shampoos, nail care products, makeup and other chemicals should be kept locked up. Water temp should be set at 120 deg. Make sure garbage is not reachable too.