What is the best medicine or method to use to clean ear wax out of an adults ear?

Peroxide drops. Peroxide drops can help loosen ear wax so that it will come out easier. There are commercially available kits at walgreens etc. If this doesn't help see a doc to get the ears cleaned.
Ear Lavage. An ear lavage is a quick, safe, and effective way to clear out ear wax. It can be done in most doctor's offices. It involves a gentle stream of saline possible with hydrogen peroxide into the ear which flushes out the wax. Takes about 5 minutes.

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What's the best way to clean ear wax without going to doctor?

WHY? Your ears tend to take care of the problem themselves. If you have excessive wax, there are commercial otc products available, peroxide is an old favorite. Colace (docusate sodium) an old laxative leaves ear canals squeaky clean (but burgundy color combined with wax looks like blood!) avoid q-tips as they just make problem worse. Remember never stick anything smaller than your elbow into the canal!
Soap and water. Run a little soapy water from your shower head into your ear every shower to keep them clean. To clean them out use a few drops of oil or soapy water for a few minutes every day followed by flush above. If you keep it up you will clear the impaction. Might take a week.

Easiest safest way to clean ear wax?

Earwax. Do not clean ear wax unless it is causing a blockage. You can buy a wax removal kit at the pharmacy and carefully follow the instructions to remove trouble causing ear wax. The safest is to have your doctor remove the wax.

What's a safe and effective way to clean ear wax?

Have an expert do it. Wax on the outside of the ear canal is easily removed with a wash cloth or other cleaning measure. You should never put anything into the canal including qtips, peroxide or other drops. The vast majority of ear problems I see are due to well intentioned patients cleaning their ears. I would strongly recommend avoiding anything in the canal. If you have a problem see an ENT and then start fresh.

Which is safest and most effective way to clean ear wax?

Hydrogen. If ear wax is excessive and difficult to remove, it may be a genetic predisposition. Hydrogen peroxide for me has been a safe, inexpensive and very satisfactory method to soften ear wax, making it easy to wash out. I have very strong feelings that ear wax should always be removed by a specialist and not a nurse practitioner.