Should I consult an immunologist about low IgA (14) and IgE levels?

Yes. There's no danger in having a low ige level- that's normal. An IgA of 14 likely indicates IgA deficiency. This can predispose to infections of the sinuses and lungs. You should see a board certified allergist/immunologist.
Yes. Low IgA levels may be seen in a multitude of issues, however, selective IgA deficiency is the more common one (other causes include medication induced...) siga def is an "immunodeficiency" that can lead to increased infections and other problems in some people. However, some people have no symptoms at all! the low ige is probably less relevant. See an immunologist!

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My IgE level is 1300 and my sister has elevated IgM and IgA levels. Is this genetic? And could my other levels be off too?

Yes. Could be genetic. A doctor who has an interest in immunology can give you the best advice. Such doctors are usually internal medicine specialists. Your local medical society might be able to direct you. Read more...
Immunoglobulins. A high ige is seen in allergies and allergic asthma and eczema. This is what your level means. Your sister's is a different problem, slight elevations in both igm and IgA can be reactions to acute infections, she is best evaluated by an immunologist to determine if this needs to be investigated further. Read more...