Should pregnant women be tested for anti-hcv routinely?

No. Even if hcv is detected, there is nothing that can be done and theer is no evidence to suggest it will affect the fetus, .
Hard to say. Most medical societies recommend testing pregnant women for hcv who have risk factors. However, it can be hard to know if someone remembers everything that might have put them at risk. So, often doctors just test everyone. In the us, young women have the lowest likelihood of having hepatitis c of any group. But, there is a 5% chance of transmission to the baby so good to know this info.

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In 9months pregnant gone through hepatitis-c test = positive and doctor referred for anti-hcv test and anti-hcv = negative, is that no-hcv in me?

See below. Your question is a bit unclear. The anti-hcv antibody test can be a false positive, or can indicate that someone was previously exposed to hcv but spontaneously cleared it and is no longer infected. Everyone who has a positive hcv antibody test needs a hcv RNA (viral load) test to see if they actually have active infection. If the hcv RNA is undetectable, check again in 4 -6 months to make sure. Read more...

Hi, I'm 12 weeks pragnant with anti HCV + report how can I confirm it and how to prevent baby from getting it at birth, my age is 36 yrs.

Consult hepatologist. Hi, you are correct the first thing you need to do is confirm if you really have hep c. This usually done by a hep c RNA viral load pcr test in the the us. If this test is negative then the chances of transmission to ur baby is virtually nil( though not a 100%). If it's positive then the risk of transmission is variable in various studies. Usually we quote 1.7% as the risk. Consult a hepatologist. Read more...