Why is my diastolic blood pressure so low in comparison to my systolic pressure?

Atherosclerosis & .. Conditions such as hardening of arteries which occurs with advanced age and atherosclerosis, anemia and aortic valve insufficiency can all cause low diastolic blood pressure and a wide pulse pressure. Please see which of these may apply to you.

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Is having a consistently lower than normal diastolic blood pressure a good or bad thing (i.e between 40-50 mmhg) if the systolic pressure is the normal range (i.e in the 90s mmhg)?

Prob normal for you. There are some red flags associated with a low diastolic blood pressure in older people (may mean arteries are stiffer, or taking too much of an anti--hypertensive drug(s), but in a young male such as yourself, it is likely normal. Especially since your systolic blood pressure, while normal, is on the low side, too. Unless you have symptoms such as dizziness/light-headedness, I would not worry:) Read more...

Blood pressure: does your systolic pressure affect diastolic pressure?

No. They're independent but often tend to go together. Younger people tend to have higher diastolic pressures. Older people tend to have higher systolic pressures. But those are just generalizations. Read more...