Why is daily physical activity important for wellness even in people with normal cholesterol levels?

Exercise is like a . magic pill. In fact it's better than any pill. Some benefits: improves mood, improves coordination and balance, helps to prevent dementia, reduced risk of stroke, heart attack, reduced risk of breast and colon cancers, improves lipid profile, helps prevent or treat type II Diabetes, helps prevent or improve CHF, improves cardiopulmonary reserve, reduces inflammation, I could go on...
Overall health. A well rounded fitness program will address all components; strength, cardio, flexibility, % body fat. The most important component as we age is strength training as it will address cardio as well. Cholesterol levels have very little to do with an overall health program.
Cardiac health. About half the heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. Physical activity is important in improving cardiac health.
Many reasons. Exercise is not only good for health health. It's also good for strength, bone health, balance, flexibility, brain health, and mood.