What is the prognosis for brain glioma cancer?

Glioma infers. Malignancy originating in the brain (as opposed to a secondary from another source, ) they are graded 1 - 4, and survival is worse as the grade goes up they are also called astrocytomas. Stage iv, glioblastoma, deserves its reputation as a cancer with short survival, and the prognosis has changed very little in the past 30 years.
Guarded. Brain glioma cancer usually refers to a grade 3 or 4 glioma. The grade 4 is a glioblastoma multiforme or gbm. The prognosis with both grade 3 or 4 is limited to a few years.However, much depends on the location, ability to neurosurgically remove >90%, and newly defined genetic markers. Recent advances in surgery chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and electric field therapy that have lengthened survival.