Does chest pain always mean heart attack or can also be some sort of inflammation of the heart?

Chest pain. Chest pain can be caused by arthritis, herniated disk, strain, infection, tumor among many other causes. Cardiac is an immediate danger and it is good idea to rule out heart attack or ischemia.
Not always. But heart is the most important and needs to be evaluated first. Heartburn / esophageal disorders are common causes of non-cardiac chest pain.

Related Questions

Does chest pain under the left breast always mean heart attack?

No. Left sided chest pain has many causes (ribs, lungs, heart, esophagus, stomach, breast, muscular, etc.). It is best to see a doc who will ask the appropriate questions to delineate the cause of one's pain, perform an exam, and perhaps order additional testing.
Not always. No not always. But heart problems should be considered and ruled out.

Does dull. Chest pain in between breasts mean heart attack?

Not necessarily. Chest pain can be due to numerous causes. It doesn't always mean heart attack. I would get this checked out however.

Does chest pain and trouble breathing usually mean a heart attack?

Maybe... Chest pain and shortness of breath are serious symptoms that can be due to many different diseases, including a heart attack. Other possibilities include bronchospasm, pneumonia, blood clot, etc. If you have these symptoms, go to the er right away as this can be a life-threatening situation. Get to the er now!
Not necessarily. Chest pain and shortness of breath can be the symptoms of heart attack. But they are other conditions which can mimic these symptoms. Hence we need evaluate fully before coming to a conclusion.

How do I know when chest pain not a heart attack?

Quality, risk. Look at the risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, male sex, diabetes, +family history of heart attack, smoking, previous event, known atherosclerois. The type of pain helps somewhat, pressure on chest with radiation, sob, cold sweat but if in doubt, don't procrastinate, have evaluation and know your risks including heart studies if needed.
Cardiology. After a cardiology evaluation including ekg, blood work, stress test includind nuclear or echo. If no DX made, you may need a angiogram of the heart arteries. All these tests will be considered on the basis of your history and family history.

What can be the cause of chest pain other than heart attack?

Several causes. Gerd can cause cardiac like symptoms. Muscle strain in the chest cavity can cause similar pain. Sometimes, weightlifters when they bench press and overdue it can get severe chest discomfort the following day. Seldom, hiatial hernia can cause indirect pain. Esophigeal spasm can cause discomfort when swallowing. Gastric ulcer and gastritis when you have inflammation in the stomach are others.
Many. Lung disease esophageal disease pericardial disease.
Many reasons... Esophogeal spasm, gastric and esophogeal reflux, musculoskeletal, costo chondritis, pulmonary embolus, pleurisy, pneumothorax, etc, etc.

What are some why do I have chest pain besides a heart attack?

Chest pain. Pneumothorax, pulmonary embolism, pericarditis, chest wall tumor, neuralgia, esophageal problems. Etc.
Many. The chest as heart, lungs, ribs, nodes, skin, spine, esophagus and a variety of diseases can be encountered that cause discomfort. Pneumothorax gerd-esophagitis malignancies pneumonia herpes-shingles.

Could a heart attack cause right side chest pain that radiates?

Usually not. Chest pain arising out of a heart attack is usually in the mid sternal region or left sided, very rarely right sided chest pain.
Yes. It is rare but it can happen. Especially in women, heart attack symptoms may be atypical.