Question about Lyme disease and erlichiosis - where in the u.S. Do you have to worry about these things?

See below: Risk of lyme disease: northeast, from maine to northern virginia; upper midwest, including most of wisconsin, northern minnesota and a sliver of northern illinois. "emerging risk" regions: illinois-indiana border, the new york-vermont border, southwestern michigan & eastern n. Dakota. Ehrlichosis: southeastern & south-central United States, from the eastern seaboard to texas.
All of US but esp... Lyme has been reported in every state, though the highest reported incidence is in new england, ny, nj, pa, de, md, va, wi, mn&ca. The cdc estimates the true number of cases is at least 10 times those reported.See http://module.Lymediseaseassociation.Net/maps/ it may be that lyme is reported more in some states because drs. There are more aware of it. Hit the tap button to see my answer re: ehrlichiosis:.