Anyone have any good advice on inflammation of bladder? It's called cystitis?

Yes. Bacterial infections are a common cause. Other organisms include chlamydia and yeast. Interstitial cystitis has all the symptoms of a bladder infection but the urine is sterile. Medication is available.

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13 years ago I was diagnosed with chronic inflammation of the bladder. Is that the same as interstitial cystitis? And what are the signs & symptoms?

Interstitial cystitis. I suspect the doctor was referring to interstitial cystitis ( IC) when giving a diagnosis of " chronic inflammation of the bladder". "Interstitial" means between the cells, and IC describes in anatomical terms the location of the disease process. Symptoms of IC include pelvic pain, frequent urination, burning in the urethra ( tube carrying the urine to outside), feeling of incomplete voiding. Read more...

Ct shows mild circumferential thickening of urinary bladder wall (8mm), no inflammation. Report states it may be chronic cystitis. What does it mean?

Chronic inflamation. Cystitis is by definition an inflammation/infection of the bladder. Chronic cystitis is just what it says, a long term inflammation which has resulted over a long term in thickening of the bladder wall. Read more...