There a way to get rid of a urinary tract infection without antibiotics? What if you drink a quart an hour for 6 hours?

Careful! Just over drinking water will not flush the bacteria once it's attached and causing symptoms. Over drinking water will drop your blood sodium which may cause seizures and heart failure.

Related Questions

How can I get rid of a urinary tract infection permanently and quicklywithin 1 day or 2 days?

Lose a UTI? If you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), see a physician, have your urine cultured and get started on an appropriate antibiotic (A) to get rid of it. The A should work within 48 hours to relieve its symptoms. If you have repeated UTI's you may have a problem with obstruction (O). In that case see a urologist to see if there is an O and if so, how to treat and resolve it. Good luck.

How can I get rid of a urinary tract infection?

Needs to be treated. If you have a urinary tract infection, it needs to be treated with antibiotics.

I'm pretty sure I have a urinary tract infection. What are some home remedies to get rid of this as quick as possible?

See doctor. You need to see a doctor for a urinalysis and culture, because there are many organisms which can cause uti's. Some are not really bladder infections, but are sexually transmitted diseases. You do need medical evaluation so that you receive the most effective treatment.

I don't have insurance and I'm pretty sure I have a urinary tract infection. What can I do to safely get rid of this?

No insurance. Urinary tract infection are not good as they can cause damage if left untreated. Diagnosis is important so that the correct treatment is initiated. There is no natural way to treat - certainly drinking fluids helps but is not curative. You really should see a doctor.

How can you get rid of the pain and peeing blood from a urinary tract infection?

Get it treated. Please get this treated, because if it is not, it could progress to pyelonephritis and damage your kidneys. It can also lead to cystitis or bladder infection and might even get in the bloodstream, resulting in sepsis. The standard antibiotic is trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole or tmp-smx. Others, like aminoglycosides and cephalosporins are also used. See your doctor and get treated asap.

How do I get rid of an awful urinary tract infection?

See your doctor. You need to see your doctor for an antibiotic prescription to treat the current infection and to evaluate any underlying issues, such as enlarged prostate, urine reflux, that may be predisposing you to the infection.

Can garlic help get rid of a budding urinary tract infection?

Not sure. I am not aware of garlic as a use for urinary tract symptoms. There are reports that acidifying the urine by drinking things like cranberry juice may help, and maybe vitamin c can offer the same type relief.
No, won't work. You need antibiotics and drink plenty of water + don't hold back on urination.