What does chronic lymphocytic leukemia do to your body?

Depends on the stage. In early case, patient will be asymptomatic and the only thing abnormal is the blood test. In later stage- one can have low blood counts (anemia, low platelet), fatigue , tired, lack of energy, bruising easily/bleeding also, you could feel lymph nodes enlargement on the neck, arm pits, groin etc as cll involves more to the lymph nodes. Increase abdominal girth, fever, chils, weight loss can happen.
See below... Cll is a form of blood cancer. Cll is usually not an aggressive form of leukemia and has a relatively good prognosis overall. Many patients are asymptomatic for a long period of time (years) and do not need any form of therapy unless there are symptoms or adverse prognostic factors. If these occur, they may include anemia, infections, coagulation problems, etc.