If I have cirrhosis, are there any medications I should to avoid?

Depends. Depends on cause of the cirrhosis and how severe it is. Many, many drugs are metabolized in the liver; some should not be used by people with cirrhosis, others can be used but need to be at lower dose and taken less often. Alcohol must especially be avoided, no matter what the cause. The list is too long to give here - talk to your doctor and your pharmacist about any medications you are taking.
Alcohol; check w/MD. Most drugs are metabolized by the liver and/or kidney. Cirrhotic liers are scarred and have less active liver cells. Many cirrhotic patients can take any and all meds, but may need different dosages or dose schedules. You should check with your doc. One drug to avoid is alcohol (in all forms); it isn't metabolized as well as normal, and worsens the scarring.