What is malignant neoplasm; is it a special type of cancer; is it a bad cancer?

Agree w/Dr Contreras. Malignant neoplasm means that something's a cancerous tumor.The're many different types of cancer ex:skin, colon, kidney, etc.Prognosis, or how treatable something is, depends on size, type, pathological features, staging of the cancer.Hope you or loved one do well, as the word "cancer" strikes fear in people, but know that many types of cancer are now very treatable.Positive attitude/faith help prognosis.
Confusing terms. Neoplasm means a group of abnormally growing cells, but it doesn't necessarily mean cancer. The two kinds of neoplasms are benign (not cancer) and malignant (cancer). To finish answering your question i'd need more info, like exactly what kind of cancer, the grade, and how far it has spread to know how aggressive it is.