Do people with bcc skin cancer get good cures after surgery, or is it only a matter of time to a recurrence?

Yes. If you get the basal cell all out its gone. Now people with basal cells can get other skin cancers so they still need regular checks.
Depends on method. Bcc is usually completely curable. Mohs has the highest cure rate due to the ability to examine all margins of the tissue under the microscope at the time of surgery. Other methods have lower cure rates and greater chance of recurrence.
99% Bcc can be cured 99% of the time by mohs surgery. Standard excision has a lower cure rate because the entire margin cannot be examined using routine pathology, however, the cure rate is usually 95-96%. Recurrent bcc should always be treated by mohs surgery because surgical excision has a very high failure rate for these tumors.
Proper surgical. Excision with microscopically-checked adequate margins (2mm or more) are almost universally cured. New cancers can develop, especially in sun-exposed areas. Moh's excisions are done by non-plastic surgeons with incomplete ability to reconstruct defects. Plastic surgical reconstruction excises cosmetic subunits and verifies the margins are free of bcc cells. We see mohs recurrences; see plas surg!
Usually cured. Sporadic basal cell carcinoma (bcc) is usually effectively treated by complete surgical removal. The fact that a patient developed bcc means that their skin has had years' worth of sun damage. Consequently, new & unrelated bcc may develop in completely different areas of the skin. Finally, there are a few inherited predispositions to bcc.