What is sensitivity and spesifity of the HIV / aids PCR test?

High. Since the test is looking for the virus itself it is very specific. There should be no false positives of titers that are significantly above the minimum of detection (of course some human error is always possible). Similarly, since it amplifies any detected viral RNA a million-fold, it is also very sensitive.

Related Questions

What is the level of sensitivity of the HIV-1 RNA PCR test by Aptima? Is it accurate at 2 to 3 weeks post exposure?

Yes. Read the CDC updated recommendations on HIV testing. The rationale for this test being available is that HIV RNA is detectable in plasma before antibodies. A safe approach is to be tested after the eclipse period after potential exposure when no RNA nor antibodies to HIV can be detected. The RNA test is effective around 10 days after infection but seroconversion to antibodies may take 3 months. . Read more...

Does DNA PCR test for HIV 1&2 lose sensitivity over time? How accurate can a negative result for DNA PCR be on checking at 89 days post exposure?

No sensitivity loss. These tests do not lose sensitivty over time. A negative result at almost 3 months is almost 100% conclusive. However, to reach 100% certainty, you also need an antibody test, if not already done. Read more...