Is there a painless way to test blood sugar in diabetes?

Lancets. Unfortunatle checking bs will require pricking your fingers (there is sensors called cgm but those are approved for type I diabetes and will still require calibration using above method). The good news is that the lancets that prick fingers are becoming very small and thin. Check out the delica by one touch.
Use your ear.. The new devices can test with very little blood. A stick on the ear lobe works well if you have the dexterity to perform this feat. The payback is that it doesnt hurt at all. Good luck. Test not on the tip of the finger but just to the side a little and there is less pain.

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I was just wondering when and how to test blood sugar for diabetes?

Diabetes test. The best test is a fasting sugar and a hemoglobin a1c. If there is a question doing a test 2 hours after a large meal or a glucose tolerance test can be diagnostic.