What should I expect when I take a friend to the ER for suicidal ideas?

Will get evaluated. Your friend will be evaluated to assess his/her level of risk. The latter will determine the level if care provided. She/he may get admitted to hospital, discharged to out patient clinic for follow up or admitted to a day hospital .
F/U recommendations! So sorry u had to go thru such a difficult experience, but i'm so glad ur friend has such a good friend 2! at the er, they probably conducted a psychiatric assessment and made arrangement for psychiatric & therapy follow up... The next step is to follow up on such recommendations and keep faith & hope in the healing process. Keep ur encouraging, supportive & loving stance! take care of urself too!
Evaluation. Your friend will be evaluated to determine if they are in imminent danger. If he/she is, he/she may be admitted to the hospital for treatment.