Which is the best product for eye lash growth, olive oil or vaseline?

Latisse (bimatoprost) There is no science or fact behind olive oil or vaseline to promote eyelash growth. Latisse (bimatoprost) on the other hand does has a scientific basis, lots of evidence and even more clinical demonstrations of eyelash growth with its proper use.

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(3days now) right eye lower lash line near tear duct is swollen a bit. Idk of it's because of the olive oil or castor oil or Vaseline I've been using?

Maybe. What you are describing sounds like an infected lid margin gland (meibomium). Using an occlusive oil or gel can clog the opening of the gland resulting in it backing up and becoming infected. Stop using these thngs on the eyelid. Only use soap and water, or a water based makeup remover. If you have an infection, warm compresses may help it reolve. If no quick resoution, you may need antibioti. Read more...

What are natural tips for growing longer/thicker eyelashes? I heard putting olive oil/Vaseline on at night grows them is this true?

No. Sorry, wish it was that easy. There is no natural way to make your eyelashes longer that I know of. But if there WAS as way, companies would have marketed it already. The only known medicine to help lengthen your eyelashes is Latisse (bimatoprost). Read more...