Related Questions

Is it possible for wisdom teeth extractions to be too challenging for an oral surgeon to perform?

Yes. Wisdom teeth do not always appear in the jaws where we would like for them to be. Some wisdom teeth may be in a position where access is too limited to allow their removal or too close to an adjacent structure where the attempted removal of the wisdom tooth could possibly cause more problems with the adjacent structure than leaving it alone.
Probably not. Oral surgeons are trained extensively in the removal of wisdom teeth. There may be some situations where they feel their removal would not be in the best interest of the patient, for example if they were too close to the nerve in your lower jaw or very close to or into your sinus in your upper jaw.
No. Nothing is 'too difficult' to perform. The question is, are you in pain? Where are the teeth located? Are there potential nerve issues or other risks associated with the removal of the tooth or teeth? Otherwise, absolutely not. These things are done very commonly every single day by us docs! Kinda like tiger woods making a 3 ft putt!

Should I still be swollen a week after wisdom teeth extractions?

Swelling. If you are seeing improvement every day and pain has reduced give it more time. If swelling is not getting better every day you should call the oral surgeon.
Generally no. But this can happen in some instances. If you are still having significant pain, the swelling is getting worse, you have difficulty opening your mouth or a fever, you should contact your surgeon to be examined.