Are there any new drugs for treatment of hepatitis c?

Yeah! 2 new ones. 2 new drugs, protease inhibitor-type drugs approved. Added to the standard interferon/ribavirin rx. Different dose schedules. Big help in improving response rates, even in prior relapsers and nonresponders to rx; might decrease duration of rx. More in the drug research pipeline.
Hep C Rx. 2 new oral medications. Simepravir and Sofosvuvir. .

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If a person suffer from hepatitis C and hold his treatment, could he restart treatment with the new drug Sovaldi?

HEPATITIS C OPTIONS . Hepatitis C is very tricky disease that can be quiet for years then flare sometimes randomly. You need a through GI doctor who is a liver specialist to go over options. You need close monitoring of labs/abdominal us and periodic liver biopsy. Then discuss it he best option for you. Read more...