Are hepatitis vaccines important?

Yes. Yes, lifetime risk of hepatitis b infection for an average human is at least 5% and its a virus that causes liver failure, need for transplnt, chronic liver disease, liver cancer and death. Hepatitis a, affects mostly adults, but can also cause acute liver failure and death and is spread by food supply contamination and poop/saliva. Hep b is spread sexually, IV drug and blood transfusion.
Yes they are. . There are serious consequences to hepb infxn, not the least of which is chronic liver dz and failure that can emerge in the context of hep b. Indeed, hepatocellular carcinoma can be a fatal consequence of chronic liver inflammation from unresolved hepb infxn. These problems can be prevented by immunization against hepb. Hepa causes an acute viral hepatitis, that can be prevented w/ vaccination.