What are symptoms of chagas disease; how would you know you had it?

Sxs - blood. Sxs of chagas disease can include fatigue, generalized body aches, loose bowel movements, vomiting, rash, poor appetite. Liver & spleen can enlarge. Brain & heart can become inflamed. One way to diagnose it is by visualizing motile trypanosoma cruzi parasites microscopically in fresh anticoagulated blood.
Chagas disease. In early stages there may be no sumptoms except little swelling at site of mosquito bite, acute stage responds to antiparasitic treatment with60to80%suscess, but20to40%can develop life threatening heart and GI problems. Sometimes you may not know you hace it.The disease is prevalent in south america and is spread by bite of blood sucking kissing bugs, so if you get bitten you vave to have blood test.