Does anyone know anything about chagas disease and whether any biting bugs here can give it to you?

Southwest US. This bug and the organism it spreads in found from mexico to argentina and has been reported in the south western United States as well. American trypanosomiasis is spread by triatome bugs (or “kissing’ bugs) that live in cracks and holes of housing from the southern United States to southern argentina.
"No" (very rare!) Chagas disease is caused by the parasite t. Cruzi and spread by the triatome bug (aka "kissing bug"). These bugs live in mud walls and thatched huts in usually poor and rural areas of central and south america. I do not believe the triatome bug is found "here" (assuming that by here you mean north america). There is, however, some potential risk of transmission by blood transfusion if not checked.
Neglected Parasite. Chagas disease has been placed on the center for disease controls' neglected parasite infection list. The cdc noted that there has been minimal surveillance, prevention, or education about effective treatment. Chagas disease does occur in the United States.