What role does celiac disease play in peripheral neuropathy?

Common. Peripheral neuropathy (burning, tingling or numbness in hands or feet) is a relatively common finding in celiac disease and may predate other manifestations. Of concern, although it may 'just' be associated with nutritional deficiences, it 'can be' associated with lymphoma. Please be evaluated. Gltuen-free diet will not improve the neuropathy - but may prevent further deterioration.
Nutritional. Exact cause for neurologic complications is uncertain. Celiac disease involves intolerance to certain components of wheat and other grains as well as other food stuffs. There can be irritation of the stomach and bowel that interferes with the absorption of necessary nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This can result in a systemic deficiency that can cause problems with peripheral nerve function.

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Can symptoms from Celiac disease that cause small fiber neuropathy be improve?

Sure. First, work closely with your doctor to develop a gluten free diet and control gastro-intestinal symptoms. Secondly, start a medical food, MetanX or a generic equivalent and take twice daily. Will help regrow small fibres over 9-10 months, and should result in less symptoms in feet and legs. Pain can be controlled by Lyrica (pregabalin) or Cymbalta.

Can sickle cell trait have an impact on other health conditions such as type 1 diabetes, neuropathy, high blood pressure, celiac disease, or asthma?

NO. Is a trait, one abnormal gene, you need 2 abnormal genes to cause sickle cell disease. In extreme cases with low oxygen red cells can break when they change shape (sickle).
Maybe. Sickle cell trait can affect other organ systems. The kidneys seem to be the most often affected though not always. For that reason make sure to control your blood pressure well if that is a problem so as not to add to the kidney issue. It would not directly interact with the other conditions mentioned.

Can celiacs disease cause small fiber neuropathy?

Possibly. The prevalence of neuropathy among patients with celiac disease is much higher than in healthy people. Sometimes, the neurological problems arise from nutritional deficiencies due to malabsorption. However, some cases are due to autoimmunity and associated with the underlying disease (Celiac).

What is the difference between peripheral neuropathic disease and peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropath. There is no real difference: perpheral neuropathy simply means that something is causing damaging injuries to the peripheral nerves; leading to numbness, burning pain, weakness ect.
Disease / Condition. One refers to the disease entity causing the problem the other refers to the condition resulting from the disease.

I have cervical dystonia peripheral neuropathy raynaud's disease and just got dxed with TMJ I want to know if they are resulted?

Possible. Need further tmd evaluation. Possible secondary relationship.
Could be. It may or may not be directly related. Most of TMJ problems are as a result of increased stress that may lead to clenching or grinding of your teeth that then cause TMJ problems.
No obvious relation. To TMJ issues with that list. Tmj issues are widely acknowledged to be related to malocclusion/ bite. Bite problems affect muscles, muscles affect the joint, & discomfort is predominately muscle driven in many cases. Treatment involves a comp exam, splint therapy & occlusion analysis to determine treatment path. Consider dentist trained with the pankey institute or peter dawson group for consult.
Symptom overlap. I'd have to what your TMJ symptoms were. It is possible that you have TMJ with secondary neck spasm that is being misdiagnosed by a PCP as "dystonia". Complcated situation. I'd recommend a TMJ-orofacial pain specialist evaluation.

I have been diagnosed with degenerative mixed sensory peripheral neuropathy. Is tongue pain/cramp a normal part of this disease's progression?

Possible. The pain is possible, the cramping is an unusual complaint for a tongue problem. However the the tongue has similar sensory nerves as other areas of your body and you could be having these symptoms because of your primary problem.

Could my hand foot mouth disease be the cause of my aggravated peripheral neuropathy symptoms?

Quite possibly. I would like to know why you have neuropathy. The commonest cause is diabetes. Acute infections are well known to exacerbate symptoms of neuropathy. How did you get hand foot and mouth disease,? sympathy. Are you in contact with children? You wii get better as the infection clears in 5-10 days.