I have reading glasses can I get contacts instead?

Yes, but... You can get contact lenses with a prescription for near, but wearing them on both eyes will make very difficult to see anything further than a few feet away. One compromise is to have one contact lens set for near and the other set for distance (or leave it off completely if you see well at distance without correction). This is called monovision and many people tolerate it well.

Related Questions

What to do if I have reading glasses can I get contacts?

Yes. You could get multifocal contact lenses or a single lens for close in one eye. Both methods work to rid people of reading glasses.

I have reading glasses. If I wear them too much will my eye sight get even worse?

No. In the adult eye, wearing properly prescribed reading glasses will not make your vision worse. However, due to the improved reading vision, you will notice the visual blur more without your reading glasses. Good luck and remember to visit your eye doctor!
No. You need reading glasses because the lens system inside your eye has lost its ability to accomodate at near. Wearing reading glasses brings near targets into focus on your retina. Just like putting a bigger, stronger lens on a camera doesn't make the camera weaker, using a better lens over your eye doesn't make it weaker. You'll just have a clearer picture.

If I get laser eye surgery will I still need to have reading glasses when I'm older?

Likely reading glass. If you are already wearing reading glasses or bifocals before lasik, you will likely still need glasses for near after. Lasik typically corrects the distance vision permanently. After age 40, near vision still needs an additional reading glass correction. There is an option to purposely undercorrect one eye (leaving it near sighted) to allow spectacle free vision - this is called monovision.
Yes. Yes. If you have laser surgery before age 45, you will need reading glasses as you get older. A touchup laser could be considered as you develop the need for reading glasses.