Can poor eye sight come from a lack of sleep? Or sleeping in the wrong position?

Not usually. Usually this is a function of genetics and the normal aging process.
No. Your eyes can feel tired if you don't get enough sleep. If you bury your face in the pillow and put pressure on one eye it can cause distortion of the vision for a while when you wake up, but no permanent change.

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Can a lack of sleep cause you to have poor eyesight?

Poor eyesight. People who do not get enough sleep frequently have dry eyes which makes it hard to see. The use of artificial tear drops will help the vision in this situation.

Does Poor Nutrition and Lack of Sleep cause a Small Head Circumference?

It can. Luis, I assume you are talking about a child? If so, poor nutrition can lead to slower growth, causing a smaller head circumference. Consult your pediatrician, and follow their nutritional guidelines to better assist your child's growth. Hope this helps!
Unlikely the issue. Head size is usually determined by genetic factors from one or both parents. In some, brain abnormalities or syndromes that result in poor development of the brain structures will result in less natural push to create a larger skull. These patients are significantly impaired.