Dermatologist help undereye puffiness; any ideas to get rid of it?

There are topical. that can help if puffiness related to allergies, surgical intervention can be done to remove fat pads, injections like deoxycholate can dissolve fat, and filler can be used to fill groove below pad. see dermatologist for options.
Antihistamines. I would advise against preparation h close to the eyes as it can cause a conjunctival burn if used improperly. Retinol eye cream is safer. Antihistamines orally, neti pot for sinuses will often help. Fillers such as juviderm and restilane are the next step, but are surgical solutions to the problem.
Preparation H. Preparation h for hemmorhoids works well. Make sure the ointment is not near the eyeball. Sometimes diuretics work. Also elevate your head when sleeping. Gravity may decrease peri orbital eye swelling.