What relieves itching eyes on the outside of the eye, more like the eyelids area?

Try these. I typically recommend moisturizing/lubricating eye drops as a first approach for these symptoms. If this isn't sufficient then next i'd usually suggest an allergy eye drop (anti-histamine). Avoid long-term decongestant drop usage. Also, if you wear it, consider whether you might be reacting to makeup or some other topical facial product you're using. Good luck.

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What can treat itching eyes on the outside of the eye?

Cold compress. Likely allergy. Avoid eye makeup, or be sure to use a hypoallergenic product.
Depends! Your question sounds like you are referring to the outer corners where the lids come together, the "skin". This area can often become irritated / chapped from excess upper lid skin or excessive tearing. I find it helpful with my patients to wash and dry the area twice a day a place a very thin coating of petroleum jelly there (vaseline).

He's eyes are blurry and after he is washing his eye it itches. Like he's having sand in the eye.

See eye Dr. Your description of the symptoms is inadequate. However the feeling of sand in the eye could mean chronic infection of the conjunctiva. See an ophthalmologist for examination.

My eye itches and swells up, then white spots appear on the part of my eye above the eye lashes. What is happening?

Eye itching. Eye itching & swelling which white spots above eyelashes: usually due to demodex or staphlococcus blepharitis. Consult with us to get Rx to help you get better faster.

I see rashes near the eye and also burning sensation at the upper cheek which gives me discomfort. It itches me a lot what is happening to me?

Should be seen! From your brief description I would be concerned about zoster. This could also be some form of dermatitis, maybe a contact dermatitis. However, based on what you have said I really think you should be seen very soon to have this evaluated.

My nephew is 8 months old, he often itches his eyes badly. Is he starting to get allergic like his father who also is prone to itching eyes n allergy?

Infant eye itching. Eye allergy is unusual in this age group. Look for external parasites, and associated skin conditions as eczema can start in infants. Have your pediatrician check this out if the condition persists after a good cleaningl.
See your doctor. This problem should be brought to a pediatic ophthalmologist for treatment and evaluation.

When I woke up this morning my lower left eyelid was extremely swollen, but no pain or itching is present. The eye isnt red. What can I do?

SOAK. The eye using an "eye cup" (Ask your Pharmacist for one) USE WARM PLAIN WATER.....if no response or INCREASING swelling see an OPTHAMOLOGIST for an eye exam (NOTE OPTHAMOLOGIST=M.D.!) Hope this helps! Dr Z.
Angioedema? Swelling of eyelid without any pain. Rednass or discharge from the eye is usually due to an insect bite causing Angioedema. If it is so the swelling wll gradually go down. But if any pain, redness in eye or discharge appears, then you should see your doctor or see an eye Doctor.