Which patients should be tested for h. Pylori?

Ulcer patient, other. Anyone with a history of ulcer disease;or from an endemic region for stomach cancer , e.g. Japan , chile; positive family history of ulcer or stomach cancer, ;symptoms consistent with possible ulcer disease. Controversy over testing people before chronic Aspirin use-both can cause ulcers, the 2 together, even more so. Anyone with symptoms enough for them to get an upper endoscopy.

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A patient was prescribed methotraxate 15mg every week. After using this her h. Pylori showed positive. What is the right drug to treat h. Pylori?

H.pylori. The treatment for this is usually a multi-drug regimen; a GI specialist or her primary care doctor will need to review the record and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Read more...

My bf was diagnosed with H. pylori negative gastritis over a year ago (worse now). Do you have experience treating patients with similar circumstances?

Gastritis. Often we treat h pylori negative gastritis with bland diet, avoidance of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine and a course of medications like prilosec or zantac. If symptoms persist despite adherence to this treatment regimen we try a different ppi like nexium or increase the dosage of prilosec. The next step is a follow-up gastroscopy to document the diagnosis if symptoms don't improve. Read more...