Do I have pink eye or an eye infection, and what's the difference?

Infection v. allergy. Most "pink eyes" are due to allergy or irritation. These cause redness, clear discharge, minimal effect on the vision and sometimes itchiness. Infection is more severe, painful, may drop the vision a good bit and will commonly have swelling and cloudy discharge. If you are uncertain, your ophthalmologist will sort this out for you.

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I have had an eye infection (not pink eye) which I satrted out on 40mg of steroids. Opth. Suggesting may be auto immune. What are poss? Migraines too.

Possible scleritis. It sounds like you may have scleritis, a deep inflammation of the normally white part of the eye that makes it red. It is often associated with a systemic autoimmune disease, and is not infectious. You should continue to seek medical care from a qualified ophthalmologist.

Is the medical name for an eye infection conjunctivitis?

Yes. Conjunctivitis is one type of eye infection ie. Infection of the conjunctiva. Other parts of the eye can also be infected...Keratitis (cornea)...Iritis (iris)...Endopthalmitis (interior of the eye etc.

Can you tell me the difference between pink eye and a regular eye infection?

Conjunctivitis. Pink eye is the colloquial term implying a viral conjunctivitis. Thus this type of eye infection is more contagious, but regular eye infection can include all conjunctivitis types such as viral, bacterial, allergic, etc.
Pink eye. Classic adult pink eye is generally caused by a cold virus....This is quite common and varies in severity...Not sure what you are referring to with a regular eye infection...