Is my eye infection anything serious? I heard that most pink eye was not serious, just virus.

Can be serious. You are right that most pink eyes are allergic or viral. But if you vision is changed, there is pain, or pus discharge, then you might have a bacterial infection that needs your ophthalmologist to look at.

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Do I have pink eye or an eye infection, and what's the difference?

Infection v. allergy. Most "pink eyes" are due to allergy or irritation. These cause redness, clear discharge, minimal effect on the vision and sometimes itchiness. Infection is more severe, painful, may drop the vision a good bit and will commonly have swelling and cloudy discharge. If you are uncertain, your ophthalmologist will sort this out for you.

Which doctor should I go for pink eye/eye infection?

Ophthalmologist. You can either go to an ophthalmologist (md) or an optometrist for an eye infection.
Your friendly GP/FP. Pink eye (viral or allergic) and bacterial conjuctivitis are usually straight forward uncomplicated problems that any general physician or family physician should be able to help. Remove any contact lenses when the eyes get such problems by the way. Warm saline compresses may help. The purpose of seeing a physician is to see if topical antibiotics are needed and to check for any foreign bodies.

How does pink eye and a regular eye infection differ?

Usually the same. Pink eye is the popular term for conjunctivitis which is usually viral. The eyes can become infected by many different organisms so pink eye is simply a description but not a diagnosis.

Can you please tell me how pink eye and a regular eye infection differ?

Cause. Most "pinkeye" or conjunctivitis is actually viral, so antibiotic eye drops are usually not effective. Viral conjunctivitis tends to run it's course in 7-10 days. It can be very contagious, spreading from one eye to the other or to other people. Hand washing is essential. To be certain it is not a more serious bacterial or fungal infection, you should see an ophthalmologist.

Can you tell me the difference between pink eye and a regular eye infection?

Conjunctivitis. Pink eye is the colloquial term implying a viral conjunctivitis. Thus this type of eye infection is more contagious, but regular eye infection can include all conjunctivitis types such as viral, bacterial, allergic, etc.
Pink eye. Classic adult pink eye is generally caused by a cold virus....This is quite common and varies in severity...Not sure what you are referring to with a regular eye infection...