What are the symptoms of having cataracts?

Blurry vision. There are many symptoms of cataracts from early ones like glare, poor night vision, blurry vision at extremes of vision. Eventually the cataracts will progress and a film will seem to cover the vision, more light will be needed, color vision changes, and finally a loss of best corrected vision. Cataracts are a leading cause of vision loss in the world where cataract surgery is not as available.
Cataract symptoms. Cataract symptoms include blurred vision, glare and haloes, decreased reading or computer vision, difficult performing visual tasks.
Blurry vision. Cataracts, a cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye, can cause different types of blurry vision syimptoms such as glare, fuzziness, haze, loss of clarity. This can lead to difficulty in driving, reading and other daily tasks.

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What symptoms when you have a cataract?

Poor vision and... Cloudy vision, blurry vision, glare, and loss of color perception are common with cataracts. More info: <a href="http://www.2020vision. Com/procedures_cataract_surgery. Html">cataract surgery michigan</a>.
Symptoms Are... Blurred and distorted vision light sensitivity double vision in one eye poor night vision colors are less vivid glare and halos around bright lights.
Blurred vision. Blurred vision, glare, halos around lights, can not see the baseball score on TV, miss street signs. "You can not see as well as you used to"
Cataract symptoms. Cataracts can cause halos/glare especially when driving at night, blurry vision, loss of contrast sensitivity (decreased contrast between objects &amp; background) &amp; decreased vision: Cataract is leading cause of preventable blindness in world. More info: eyedoc2020@blogspot. Com.

What symptoms do very early cataracts have. And can it affect night vision at early stage?

Glare ; blur. Depending on the type of cataract, most symptoms involve glare from light sources (halos around lights, streaks), and blurry vision in one or both eyes. Sometimes asymmetric cataracts will affect depth perception. Most symptoms manifest at night when the pupil dilates and glare tends to increase. This symptom often decreases one's desire to drive at night. Always a good idea to check spectacles.
Cataracts Symptoms. Cataracts (a white lens change): most often due to/made worse by (most common first): aging, genetics predisposition, excessive sun exposure, smoking, diabetes, steroid medication, previous trauma, inflammation, infection in the eye causing inflammation; previous intraocular eye surgery; other genetic conditions; can be congenital; Symptoms: glare especially at night; cloudy vision, decreased VA.