What are things to do and not to do after eye cataract extraction and new lens?

Ask your surgeon. Cataract surgery is the most commonly performed operation and is very successful. There are only a few restrictions during the healing period, such as use of medicated eye drops, keeping the eye free from dirt or water, and avoiding heavy exercise. Depending on your surgeon and type of operation, there may be other restrictions, but they will discuss this with you.
Limitations postop. Patients should avoid heavy lifting, bending with your head below your waist, and strenuous activity for 1 were after surgery.
Follow Dr.'s instr. Follow your doctors instructions. You should not bump or rub your eye, or submerge it under water for at least 30 days. Other restrictions may vary based on your surgeon. Use your drops and follow up with your eye care specialist. In my case you can return to almost all normal daily activities if you follow the above mentioned.