Sort of getting blind spots in vision, hot flashes, headache, ringing in ears?

See your doctor. Those are symptoms that together raise a red flag that you need to be evaluated. Could be as simple as stress, dehydration, med reaction but could also be symptoms of migraine, perimenopausal hormone fluctuations or other more concerning issues. You need to be seen.

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Can pulsed "whooshing" in ears, pulsing blind spots around periphery, chronic severe headaches mostly on right side&fatigue all be chronic dehydration?

Primary headache . It sounds as if primary headaches are the underlying problem in this case, most likely migraine, given your age and gender, but other diagnoses must be ruled out with examination and further testing. Migraine can be exacerbated by dehydration, as well as many other triggers. The whooshing sound could be elevated blood pressure, sometimes from pseudo ephedrine, (ephedrine sulfate) or temporal arterial inflammation. Read more...

Migraines for 23 yrs started with blind spots to flashing zigzag and headache seems to have started when moved to house can black mold been initiator?

Yes, definitely. A variety of external and internal factors can trigger a migraine attack in certain individuals who may have a genetic or neurochemical predisposition to migraine. External triggers such as weather-related changes, high humidity, high altitude, sensory input such as glaring or flashing lights, sunlight, loud noises, and exposure to odors. Take care. Read more...