What are the signs of an eye infection compared to eye allergies?

Itchiness. Usually allergy is causes 'itchy eyes'. Also allergy is more likely to be bilateral than infection. An infectious conjunctivitis can cause a thicker discharge causing the eyelashes to stick together in the morning. Either way see an eye doctor for help.

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My eyes are extremely itchy, could I have an eye infection or just allergies? How do I know?

Allergies likely. Extreme itchiness is most probably allergy related, especially if it is accompanied by a sticky discharge. Best way to know for sure is see an eye doctor.

What are signs of an eye infection?

Pain in the eye. A feeling that something is in the eye increased sensitivity to light. Yellow, green, bloody, or watery discharge from the eye. Increasing redness of the eye or eyelids. A gray or white sore on the colored part of the eye. Fever with no other cause. Blurred or decreased vision.

I slept in my contacts and now I'm seeing a red ring around my iris, what should I do about this? Is it an early sign of an eye infection?

Probably not. No. It is most likely due to the lens tightening during the night, compressing the tissue and blood vessels around the eye. There is probably some edema of your cornea, which you would notice as your vision will not be clear. Leave your lenses out for a day or two and then start wearing them part of the day and build up to all day. Don't sleep in them again!

I recently started using eye makeup and wanted to know what the signs are for an eye infection so that I don't use my makeup and get it contaminated.

Red eye + discharge. Infection is rare from eye makeup especially if you do not share it with others. Most have expiration dates as well. Washing your face before applying makeup can help also. If you were to get an infection the eye might redden, there might be a pus like discharge and the eye might get light sensitive. But millions of users for eye makeup show that this is uncommon.
Reply. Any type of irritation in the eye, redness, feeling of foreign body and itching or swelling over the eyelids.
Redness, discharge. Redness, discharge, eyelids sticking together (worse in am), withscratchy foreign-body sensation, especially if there has been a recent upper respiratory infection.