Related Questions

Is it possible for an eye infection to cause dementia in the elderly?

No, but... An eye infection won't cause dementia, but if the infection causes a decrease in vision this may exacerbate the dementia since the patient isn't able to see as well.
Not cause it, but... Decreased vision can cause someone with dementia to become more agitated and have the symptoms of worsening dementia. Additionally, if an infection gets into the bloodstream, it can certainly cause altered mental abilities that would appear to be a dementia.
No. Unclear how this could be related but ask treating doctor if you have further questions.

How can a senior with mild dementia safely use ointment for eye infection?

With HELP. This an important area of concern; and will only get greater. Diminished capacity + powerful compounds is truly dangerous. The caregiver should be the acting adult. Maintain dignity of your patient by clear explanation to both, after both have been invited into the exam room. Neither leave the pt. Out nor be less than complete as you say & write necessary info. On your stationery (4 contact, etc).
Prompts if needed. Have them practice the proper use and demonstrate to you. Check later to see if they still can remember how to do it. If they can't, using prompts might help. Try writing the directions out for them in large enough print that they can read it. If they are visually impaired, you may try recording the directions for them to play back to remind themselves.
They may. Need your help to apply the ointment.

What can I do for an eye infection at home?

Infection. I would not recommend treating an eye infection at home. Without determining whether it is viral versus bacterial you could be doing more harm than good.

I have had an eye infection for over than a month. What should I do?

See your PCP. Persisting eye issues may need an alternate treatment or referral on to an eye specialist for more specific testing & treatment.

How can I get rid of an eye infection?

Depends. Most actual eye infections are viral and while frequently very unpleasant are almost always self limited - keep it clean but antibiotics do not work. In adults, if the infection is bacterial then antibiotics can get rid of it. Less easy are infections caused by fungus and amoebas. These have to be seen by a corneal specialist as they can be very visually threatening.