Are the regular hormones still produced after premature ovarian failure?

Not usually. Ovarian failure from any cause means that normal hormone production does not take place. However, this condition may be transient and normal ovarian function may return unexpectedly in some women.

Related Questions

Are hormones be produced after premature ovarian failure?

Yes. Even when ovarian failure has taken place, the ovaries may still produce small amounts of hormones. We see this in premature ovarian failure as well as natural menopause.

If I have premature ovarian failure, can I still have kids?

Maybe. After ovarian failure, the only real option for conceiving is through ivf with an egg donor. Rarely pregnancies have occurred spontaneously, but the odds are very low.

What happens if I have premature ovarian failure can I still have kids?

5 to 10% The consensus is that between 5 to 10 percent of women with premature ovarian failure can have children. In vitro fertilization with a donor egg is an option. Researchers continue to explore new treatments so definitely see a fertility specialist.

Can a woman with premature ovarian failure still have a chance of conceiving a baby naturally ?

If ovulates. It depends on the severity of premature ovarian failure. The doctor would need to determine the number of eggs left. An AMH test can do this.

How long does it take for periods to stop after premature ovarian failure?

Immediatly. Amenorhhea is what brings women in to see a gynecologist or endocrinologist. The ovarian failure may actually occur a few months before, but unless a woman is trying to get pregnant, it is the absence of a menstrual period that brings women in. That is the time when blood tests suggest the problem is primarily ovarian.

What can cause a young woman to have premature ovarian failure?

Many causes. There are many causes for premature ovarian failure. Chemotherapy and radiation and certain medications can damage the ovaries. There are genetic causes such as fragile x and turner's syndrome. In many women, there is no identifiable cause which can be frustrating.
POF is low eggs. Premature ovarian failure is the loss of the eggs the ovary before age 35. Eggs are a limited and valuable resource. The number is set at birth at around a million. Two-thirds disappear in childhood and the remainder during the reproductive years. By menopause few eggs remain. Starting with a lower number, accelerated loss through surgery, smoking, or immune illness result in premature failure.

Can I get pregnant if I have premature ovarian failure?

Very unlikely. Rarely, people with failure of a gland will spontaneously recover function. Otherwise you would hormonal treatment and an invitro fertilized egg implanted and continued hormonal treatment during the pregnancy.
Possibly. The exact cause of pof is unknown. Most think that it is an autoimmune problem, whereby somehow the body is shutting down the ovary. However, pregnancies have occurred in pof patients from random spontaneous ovulation. The problem is that the ovary is not picking up the fsh so the levels are increased. Fertility medications work by "bombarding" the ovary with increased fsh.