Whats your experience with the birth control pill, loestrin 24 fe?

Loestrin24Fe. Like any birth control pill it works well when taken correctly, which means every day st the same time of day. Most pills have possible risks of abnormal bleeding, headaches, nausea, mood changes, decreased libido, and vaginal dryness. More serious side effects include the risks of strokes and blood clots. This pill specifically has a risk of not bleeding when you are supposed to have a period.

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Girlfriend had no period on loestrin 24 fe my girlfriend is on loestrin 24 fe as her birth control pill. She generally takes it at the same-ish time every weekday (when she wakes up, 630 ish) and slightly later in the morning on the weekends (9-11). She s

A. A few things could be going on. First of all, if she is using the birth control pill correctly (taking a pill at the same time every day without missing one) then she has a less than 2% chance of being pregnant. Add condoms and the risk of pregnancy is even lower! More than likely, her missed period is from the pill itself. Many low estrogen formulations (like loestrin) can cause very light or even missed periods. Some women will choose a low-estrogen pill just for that side effect! If she continues to have irregular periods and finds it worrisome, she can talk to her doctor about switching to a different pill. If she has missed pills and thinks she might be pregnant, a home pregnancy test will be 97% accurate 1-2 weeks after the missed/light period. A doctor's urine test would be able to detect a pregnancy test now. Good luck!

Does prednisone 20mg affect the birth control pill loestrin 24?

No interaction. Prednisone treats quite a few conditions and also interacts with quite a few medications, but fortunately not so much with birth control pills, in general. Unfortunately, unexpected reaction can occur with any med or combination of meds, thus always use with caution. Use smallest effective dose for shortest duration possible. Consult doc. Good luck.

Can loestrin 24 fe birth control pill make your menstrual period go away?

Yes. Most women will have lighter period than before the pill. It is possible the menstruation goes away. If this is the first time you missed the period, take pregnancy test 2 weeks apart. If they are negative, one can presume the missing period is from the loestrin 24.