Related Questions

What is the best form of hormone replacement therapy with a low risk of weight gain?

Hormone replacement. Age 33 is quite young for hormone replacement. I presume your gynecologist has prescribed this for you but perhaps she/he did not fully explain it. Please go on-line and type in "Hormone Replacement" and a number of articles will appear. Some will be straightforward for you and others will make little sense. Once read, please discuss this with your gynecologist.

Does hormone replacement therapy using estradiol and progesterone cause weight gain?

No. Not consistently anyway. Women going through menopause often gain some weight, so it commonly gets blamed on hrt.

I'm 42 and started to feel like I don't have a lot of energy or a sex drive and I've gained weight. Will hormone replacement therapy help?

Which hormones. The symptoms you describe are very nonspecific. Hormone replacement only helps those who are hormone deficient. In the presence of a described deficiency of thyroid hormone, replacement is very helpful. Replacement of estrogen and Progesterone in the peri menopausal is more controversial due to ongoing risk of clots and cancers. Rarer hormone deficiencies require an endocrine evaluation.

What is the best type of hormone replacement therapy for treating hot flashes. I have up to thirty a day?

Hormone replacement. The best type of Hormone Replacement is to contact your doctor regarding your hormone and hot flashes. Please let me know how things go.

Can hormone replacement therapy make you gain weight or not?

Hormone replacement. Hormone replacement therapy means furnishing the body with hormones that are absent or low in quantity. Perfect example is taking thyroid hormone when you are hypothyroid (absent or low thyroid hormone levels). This may cause you to lose weight. Taking more steroids than is required might make you gain weight.

How does hormone replacement therapy increase libido?

Testosterone. Therapy can increase libido a lot. Estrogen therapy may have slight effects. It can also improve vaginal lubrication making it more enjoyable, and improve your overall well-being, so it seems like your desire has increased.